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From 1990 to 1999

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The second Rugby World Cup - United Kingdom, Ireland and France.

The first ever Women’s Rugby World Cup (unofficial) was held in Cardiff, Great Britain in 1991. Twelve countries participated in the Tournament, held over a week. France, New Zealand, USA and England emerged as the semi-finalists, with USA Eagles beating England 19 - 6 in the final at Cardiff Arms Park (April 14th).


Second unofficial WRWC hosted by Scotland, England beat USA 38-23, at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh.

The Rugby Football Union for Women (RFUW) was formed in England with each of the Home Nations governing their own countries.


The third Rugby World Cup - South Africa.

Until this point the IRB (International Rugby Board, the governing body of rugby union) had been dominated by worthy English gentlemen who adhered implacably to their cherished amateur principles. But as the demands on top players grew, increased media attention, amount of training required etc. increased pressure on the IRB. The Southern Hemisphere unions in particular, pressurized the IRB to allow player payments.

Along with this was an ever-increasing degree of sham-amateurism. While straight payments may not have been openly accepted, it was obvious that top players in some countries received various benefits and perks from playing the game e.g. through player trust funds, through direct under-the-table cash payments or other roundabout methods.

The IRB finally capitulated to the inevitable and in August 1995 rugby union became fully professional.

Philippe Sella (France) plays his last international against England. He was the first rugby player to reach 100 international caps and held the record for the most international caps until overtaken by Jason Leonard in 2003. Career Record: P111, W72, D5, L34. Test Points: 125. Tries: 30


David Campese (Australia) plays his last international against Wales and was the second player to reach 100 international caps. Career Record: P101, W67, D2, L32. Tries: 64.


The last surviving member of the USA 1924 gold medal winning team Norman Cleaveland passes away aged 96. Mr. Cleaveland was a lifetime member of the Santa Fe Rugby Football Club. One of his desires at the end of his life was to see rugby back in the Olympics.

The Cook Cup established when Australia and England contracted to play each other bi-annually for 10 years, on a home and away basis.

The Allied Dunbar Premiership was started for the 1997/8 season:
12 clubs. Sin bins introduced 1 November 1997 denoted by a white triangle.
Relegation and Promotion: No automatic Relegation. Top two clubs from Premiership Two were automatically promoted. Playoffs see bottom two in Premiership One take on 3rd and 4th in Premiership Two over two legs, making a 14-team Premiership for 98/99.
Promoted: Bedford, West Hartlepool, and London Scottish
Play-offs: London Irish retain their Premiership One status, Bristol relegated,
Champions: Newcastle Falcons.


The first official Women's Rugby World Cup, in Amsterdam, Netherlands was won by New Zealand who beat USA 46 - 12. Teams taking part were: Australia , Canada , England , France , Germany , Ireland , Italia , Kazakhstan , Netherlands , New Zealand , Russian Federation , Scotland , Spain , Sweden , USA , Wales.

The Hopetoun Cup was established as a perpetual trophy between Australia and Scotland.


Forth Rugby World Cup - Wales.

The form of rugby officially designated as Rugby Union is now played in more than 100 countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Fiji, and South Africa. The sport's international governing body is the International Rugby Football Board (IRFB). In the United States there are more than 1400 rugby clubs and more than 100,000 players, governed by USA Rugby.

The Lansdowne Cup was established as a perpetual trophy between Australia and Ireland.


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