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Chris RattueChris Rattue

Chris Rattue is a sometimes controversial rugby columnist who writes for the New Zealand Herald. He is a sports journalist who Times Online referred to as "one of New Zealand's most outspoken but admired sports critics". He lives in Auckland and is married to fellow journalist, Leeanne Moore.

Chris has articulated the growing sense of unease at the effect of the Rugby World Cup on other competitions: "I'm a committed opponent of Graham Henry's rest and reconditioning plan, New Zealand rugby at its most cringe-inducing conceitedness. Hey look at us we're so important and winning the World Cup is so vital to our sorry little state, we're prepared to stuff up an entire multimillion-dollar competition (the Super 14) without regard for anybody else."

His hard-hitting columns and flair to offend are often disliked, but that is part and parcel of what Chris Rattue is about.


Latest Articles:

Please Springboks end this nightmare 17/10/07

Come on South Africa. Please, please, please.

If there is any justice in this world, the Springboks will annihilate England in the Rugby World Cup final on Sunday morning and strike a blow for southern hemisphere rugby's mad, crazy obsession with providing a bit of entertainment.

England are in the World Cup final. England are in the World Cup final. England are in the World Cup final. You can repeat these words over and over again, and they still sound like a crazy nightmare.

Boring and hopeless England are in the World Cup final ... it doesn't get any better. more

France pose absolutely no threat to the All Blacks 3/10/07

Thank goodness for the great World Cup jersey fiasco this week. Apart from recalling what the dastardly French did in 1999, when they cheated the All Blacks out of their birthright by playing a spell of blindingly brilliant rugby, it's been difficult to get overly concerned about Sunday's quarter-final in Cardiff.

So an apparel conspiracy and a delayed coin toss to decide who wears the alternate strip have stepped in to fill the build-up breach.

Not that it matters, because the All Blacks could play in sackcloths and they'd still stomp all over France. more

World Cup wallowing but for ankle biters 19/9/07

Hang on in there folks - the cavalry may be on the way. And God knows, we need it.

The rugby World Cup could come alive when Samoa takes on England in the early hours of Sunday. Please let it be so because it has been tough going so far, although mercifully not as tough as the last cricket World Cup.

The match in Nantes is a classic David versus Goliath in terms of resources at least, although one report from France actually suggested Samoa now wields the sword while England will be firing pebbles. Amazing. more

48 hours: So far so predictable, bring on the upsets 17/9/07

This Rugby World Cup needs something fierce and unpredictable to bring it alive. With luck, Samoa and Tonga might have sparked the tournament to life overnight.

To date, the only unexpected result was Argentina's opening win over France. Even there, the world No 6 team beating the world No 3 team is hardly momentous.

Georgia, who play with the elegance of the Russian tractors their scrum used to train against, were valiant and almost victorious against a badly over-rated Irish side yesterday.

Georgia were roared on by a brilliant crowd as they smashed at the Irish line in the final minutes. The Georgians also won hearts, with their hulking players speaking humbly in broken English afterwards. more

Chris Rattue

Please Springboks end this nightmare 17/10/07
France pose absolutely no threat to the All Blacks 3/10/07
World Cup wallowing but for ankle biters 19/9/07
Bring on the upsets 17/9/07
Paris warms to RWC 8/9/07
Beating the bookies 29/8/07
Forward casualties 15/8/07
Village idiots part II 8/8/07

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