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Lindsay KnightLindsay Knight

Lindsay Knight has been a journalist since starting a cadetship on the Christchurch Star in 1962. A passion for rugby since his childhood inevitably led to his becoming a sports writer.

He has been a staff member of the Dominion, the Evening Post and the Auckland Star and now works on a freelance basis. He has also contributed to many publications in New Zealand and overseas and is presently a senior contributing writer to NZ Rugby World.

Lindsay has written 10 books on rugby and been a contributing author to four others. His devotion to New Zealand provincial rugby has seen him write three different histories of the Ranfurly Shield. In 2001 he wrote a history of the national championship whose introduction he had championed in several newspaper columns during the early to mid-1970s.


Latest Articles:

The malaise runs deep in NZ rugby 17/10/07

Whether the New Zealand Rugby Union needs to have an independent inquiry into the World Cup failure might be arguable. Most people know already where things went wrong and, indeed, there are a significant number who have not been simply wise after the event.

They saw months ago the dangers of the rotation policy, which did have merit but only if it was ended at the right time, and more especially taking players out of the Super 14 and other competitive rugby. Consequently, this All Black side suffered from being under-done and lacking match hardness. more

Portugal puffery glosses over the real points 18/9/07

As rugby's World Cup enters its second week of what might be termed its "phoney war", a sober, dispassionate observer must wonder whether some, especially in the television media, have suspended any public obligation to be responsible critics.

To suggest, as some commentators in television and others in the media have done, that Portugal's performance against the All Blacks justifies the places of "minnow" nations in the tournament and that it rebutted any argument for streamlining the format, defies all that is logical and rational. more

Pumas power as Japan perplex 11/9/07

Among World Cup rugby upsets Argentina's 17-12 win over France in the tournament opener takes its place with that of France itself over the All Blacks in 1999 and those of Samoa against Wales in 1991 and 1999.

It was a result which has added needed intrigue into an event which often in the past has run too predictable a course.

That's shown by the fact that in five tournaments since 1987 the number of true upsets can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

And does the win by the Pumas come into the "major" category?

Argentina has been a respectable rugby force for many years, certainly deserving to be rated with the likes of Ireland and Scotland. more

Rugby's chance to regain its rightful place 28/8/07

Something, it appears, we all have to get used to with the commercialisation of top rugby is that many of the game's institutions and icons will come under increasing threat, even those like the Ranfurly Shield and some of the country's most celebrated stadia.

As sponsorship deals change, so too do the names of some grand old grounds. Wellington's Athletic Park is no more, though no one probably mourns that too much. Others like Christchuch's Lancaster Park and Whangarei's Okara Park have had a variety of names, to a point where the media and the average punter can only be confused. more

Lindsay Knight

The malaise runs deep in NZ rugby 17/10/07
Portugal puffery glosses over 18/9/07
Pumas power as Japan perplex 11/9/07
Rugby's chance for rightful place 28/8/07
Commercial Threat to Rugby 21/8/07
Too much depends on ref 6/7/07

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