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Sympathy wasted

Peter FitzSimons 21/7/07

Wallabies coach John Connolly was quoted this week sympathising with those of his charges who have attracted headlines for late-night shenanigans. "They're young men who have a right to go out, and they're under so much pressure to prepare for games and sleep and diet," he said. "They're under so much pressure, I feel sorry for them."
This is - what's that phrase again? - complete nonsense.

The word "pressure" should not apply to the mere expectation that blokes who have the privilege of representing their country while earning hundreds of thousands of dollars and travelling the world won't behave in a manner that will reflect badly on that country. True pressure, I think, John, would be feeding and housing a family of four on the basic wage

We're plain nasty!

If you'd like to see a hilarious anti-Australian rant, try It is written by a South African sports journalist by the name of Clinton van der Berg, and it is not to be missed. Here are some edited highlights

"As sporting rivalries go, there are three nations South Africans like to beat more than any other: England, New Zealand and Australia. England, because they're our old colonial masters and the world champions of arrogance. New Zealand, because they're on a war footing every time they play the Springboks. And Australia, because they're such an unlikeable, miserable bunch. The Aussies are plain nasty. Their whingeing in the lead-up to last week's Test match was typical

"Australia's not a bad place to visit - if you like nanny states, that is. Don't dare jaywalk, take a photograph without permission, look the wrong way at a beach or try and [sic] start a Mexican wave (honest, Cricket Australia banned the wave in February)."

These are, dinkum, merely his opening remarks. Apart from that, I think he really quite likes us!

PETER FITZSIMONS - Sydney Morning Herald | Saturday, 21 July 2007 | Comment on this article

Peter FitzSimons

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