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Peter FitzSimons is a journalist and author of international renown who has interviewed dignitaries from President George Bush to Mother Theresa to Diego Maradona. A former rugby star, he broke into the Wallabies under the coaching of Alan Jones in 1984, before leaving for five years to live, play and write in Italy and France. On his return to Australia he regained his position in the Wallabies and went on to play seven Tests.

Having joined the Sydney Morning Herald full-time in 1989, he is now one of their most popular columnists, and is also a regular contributor to the International Herald Tribune and London Daily Telegraph. He regularly appears on Channel Nineís Today Show, and is a mainstay of Foxtelís show, The Back Page. In October of 2003 he was featured on This Is Your Life.

In his writing career to date he has written fourteen books, including the hugely popular biographies of Nick Farr-Jones, John Eales, Kim Beazley, Nene King and Nancy Wake. In 2001 he was Australiaís highest-selling non-fiction author, and in 2004 his book, on the Kokoda Track, was published.


Latest Articles:

Cup was Jonny's poisoned chalice 6/10/07

NO, JONNY. Not tonight. Not ever. Yes, yes, yes, the English media have built you up as the Messiah of English rugby, who, just as you have so suddenly been resurrected from the ruined, can now single-handedly raise the whole English team from the dead, and beat the Wallabies in the quarter-finals in Marseilles. But you know that is not true! For nothing can undo the deal that was done with the Great God of Rugby! Let me remind you.

It was on the eve of the World Cup Final in 2003 when England coach Clive Woodward visited you in your hotel room to go over, one last time, your role in the English team's two principal tactics - the up, and the under. You and Clive were so nervous about facing the Wallabies the following evening that you thought a few prayers on your knees might help. And suddenly, direct from heaven, The Voice of the Great God of Rugby boomed. more

Don't write off the Wallabies 8/9/07

AND so it begins. Even as we speak the Rugby World Cup is under way, with France having played Argentina in Paris, and the Wallabies playing Japan tonight in Lyons.

The obvious favourites are the All Blacks, of course, and while they should win it in a canter let us all at this point celebrate the fact that the three great traditions of international rugby are the national anthems being sung before the game, the jerseys being exchanged after the game and the All Blacks falling apart in the second half of a World Cup semi-final that no one thought they could possibly lose. more

Sympathy wasted 21/7/07

Wallabies coach John Connolly was quoted this week sympathising with those of his charges who have attracted headlines for late-night shenanigans. "They're young men who have a right to go out, and they're under so much pressure to prepare for games and sleep and diet," he said. "They're under so much pressure, I feel sorry for them."
This is - what's that phrase again? - complete nonsense. more

Lose-win situation 7/7/07

TFF did a bit of light palling around with Nick Farr-Jones and the former All Blacks No.8 Murray Mexted after the Bledisloe Cup on Saturday night, and I was interested that they were united in one view: that the surprising loss by the All Blacks to the Wallabies was, in fact, probably the best thing imaginable to keep their World Cup campaign on track.
Farr-Jones referred to the fact that when the Wallabies won it in 1991, the one loss they registered in the entire year was 6-3 against the All Blacks in Auckland, and it was that loss which made them aware there was still an awful lot of work to do. more

Peter FitzSimons

Cup was Jonny's poisoned chalice 6/10/07
Don't write off the Wallabies 8/9/07
Sympathy wasted 21/7/07
Lose-win situation 7/7/07

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