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Paul Ackford
Paul Ackford

He is a former England and Lions international, who played lock forward. He was formerly an Inspector in the Metropolitan Police. He retired from international rugby after the 1991 World Cup, becoming a journalist and writing for the Sunday Telegraph. his articles!

Stuart Barnes

He is a former England and Lions international who joined the Sunday Times as their chief rugby columnist in 2005 following 12 with the Daily Telegraph. During that time he has also established himself presenter for Sky Sports. his articles!

Peter FitzSimons

He is a sports columnist and writer for The Sydney Morning Herald. He also regularly appears on the Australian Foxtel programme, The Back Page. He also writes a humorous column for the Saturday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald. his articles!

Mark Keohane

He was a rugby journalist for 10 years before being appointed communications manager for the Springboks, until his resignation in 2003. He currently runs his own website,, and freelances in print, radio and television on South African and international rugby. his articles!

Lindsay Knight

He has been a staff member of the Dominion, the Evening Post and the Auckland Star and now works on a freelance basis. He has also contributed to many publications in New Zealand and overseas and is presently a senior contributing writer to NZ Rugby World. his articles!

Chris Rattue

He is a sports journalist who Times Online referred to as "one of New Zealand's most outspoken but admired sports critics". He writes for the New Zealand Herald. his articles!

Dan Retief

He is the award-winning South African correspondent of Rugby World magazine, the Australian Rugby Review and writes regularly for foreign newspapers. his articles!

Spiro Zavos

He is an Australasian historian, philosopher, journalist and writer. In 1979 he became an editorial writer on the Sydney Morning Herald, where he would remain until 2000. At the Herald, he also moved into rugby writing. He has written seven books on rugby. his articles!


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