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Stuart BarnesStuart Barnes

Stuart Barnes joined the Sunday Times as their chief rugby columnist in 2005 following 12 illustrious years in the same role with the Daily Telegraph. During that time he has also established himself as a highly-rated analyst, presenter and co-commentator on the sport for Sky Sports.

Eminently qualified for those positions after graduating from Oxford (where he was a 'blue' in the early eighties), Stuart gained ten England caps and also represented the British Lions in the following ten years.

A regular contributor to magazines across the world, Stuart has written four books including 'A Year of Living Dangerously' which was short-listed for the William Hill Sports book of the Year.

He also edited First XV rugby magazine 1995-97, and is an accomplished speaker and awards/event host.


Latest Articles:

Still fighting 15/10/07

From the bottom of the pit England has clambered to within sight of the summit.

It is proving to be one of the more dramatic of all rugby expeditions. Brian Ashton has got his team thinking and they have roused themselves to a furious pitch of determined and heart warming patriotism.

France and their conservative coach, Bernard Laporte got their deserts. Yes, they froze but with the extra talent at their disposal behind the scrum and a competitive pack, it was a poor and unambitious performance from them. more

Fiji accept Mission Impossible 2/10/07

England, no chance, France, just as non existent, Fiji, don't make me laugh.

Which leaves Scotland and Argentina as the one competitive quarter-final, although Argentina would be 20-point favourites if they were called `France' instead of Argentina...looks glum viewing for the Northern Hemisphere reading the form lines.

There seems little hope but then I remember Fiji in Nantes and I think anything can happen. Whether we will see a game like that again is doubtful but it is a classic reminder that sport is a live event and the past, no matter how recent, is no guarantee of future success. more

No time for complacency 24/9/07

Tonga will not be pushovers for England this Friday. A match which most thought a formality before the tournament commenced is now a straight knockout game.

Relief was the overwhelming emotion on display in Nantes on Saturday as England found the third gear required to overcome Samoa and the first hurdle towards qualifying for the last eight.

We can talk about the positive impact that Jonny Wilkinson's presence brought to the side, we can debate the continuing sub-standard nature of his tactical kicking (which Chris Latham will thrive on should England win Friday), but perhaps this is a time to acknowledge the spirit of the tournament as much as the tactics - which can wait for another day. more

Step forward for Boks 16/9/07

Friday night was a clash of eras. Yesterday’s fading men from England, who will mercifully soon be stripped of a world champions tag they have held in nothing but name for four long years, against one of today’s leading teams and potential 2007 world champions, South Africa.

The history men were consigned to the back pages by a side that did not need to perform at its peak but displayed structure enough to threaten the coronation of the All Blacks. There is a way to travel, but with the Springboks in the other side of the draw, the likelihood of the sport’s two traditional powers coming together for a repeat of the 1995 final is gathering momentum. Like the Titanic and the iceberg, New Zealand and South Africa look destined to collide. more

Stuart Barnes

Still fighting 15/10/07
Fiji accept Mission Impossible 2/10/07
No time for complacency 24/9/07
Step forward for Boks 16/9/07
Minnows impress 10/9/07
World Cup wonders 5/9/07
Stuart Barnes' dream XV 2/9/07
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